Let us tell you our story!

This is not the first offers' site in world which helps you find coupons and discount deals.

Yup, we are not the first.
We know that. But then why do we exist?

Because we are not happy with what exists in market as of now.
It doesn't solve the problem.

And we are sure, you will agree.

We are building "offrd" with singular focus, which is,

Help People Save Money

That's our "Why"!

And the way we do that is,
(by curating and sharing) Offers that Work!

And we are also sure, you are so going to relate with this story on how it all started and we decided to build this.

Would really appreciate, if you can share "offrd" with your friends and family.

Stay Happy. Stay Awesome. Cheers :)

- Hardik Sojitra
Founder, Offrd